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The New Evolution

We are drowning in a sea of opportunity. Every day, every one of us in the Western world is presented with an array of choices...

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The Mobile Opportunity

According to a 2013 report conducted by Adobe, only 7% of business have created a mobile app. 7%. That’s incredibly low. In 2009, I started...

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Adults Getting Social

The Pew Internet & American Life Project recently released the results of their 2013 study on social media usage among adults. It’s got some pretty...

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Taking Shape

When I was in college, I decided to take a yoga class. I had some back problems and friends who raved about how much they...

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Georgia Rambler

Back in my photography days in Athens, my buddy Joe and I used to hop in the car on Saturdays and spend all day on...

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The Best Interview Ever?

I’ve seen Stephen Colbert’s interview with Maurice Sendak a couple of times now, and each time I’ve been impressed by its brilliance. Stephen is in...

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